Monday, 14 May 2018

Hello there!

Anyone still around..Wow..Its's been a while...
Nice to see new followers. HIIIIIII thanks for stopping by and following.  So good to see you all
I am still natural. Plus my new little baby as well. :D
Natural hair and it's products has really exploded into something else these past few years.

Accessibility really isn't problem. If at all the market looks oversaturated with so many products out there from the niche to mainstream established manufacturers all trying to get a slice of the natural hair care market.

I still use some of my old favourites. But some new faves have sneaked in, some others I'm not so fussy about. I'd say the only thing still consistent in my routine is still being a wash and go girl. That is still my main way of wearing my hair. Still and always will feel just right for me.

Can't wait to fill you more on what products I have been loving.. :D

Chat soon!