Saturday, 10 March 2012

Scrunching Out The Crunch SOTC On Curly/ Coily Hair

This refers to how one chooses to soften the 'gel cast'/hardness encountered when using harder/heavier gels. Usually after a wet set or wash & go using such heavier gels has dried. The coils can feel quite hard to touch.
Now personally these casts don't bother me as such, because I personally regard gels as sealers of moisture in the hair;after all they do encase the hair strands, and in turn help to protect the hair.

But if you want to get rid of that crunch after your wet set is set (*_*), here is what you can do.

1.Spritz with a water/oil mix. This will help deliver moisture (water) and seal (oil) in that moisture while breaking up the crunchy cast.

2.Emulsify a pomade/cream/oil between your hands and scrunch that in.

3.Scrunch the crunch out just using your hands and without product.

My favorite method so far has been to scrunch out the crunch with castor oil as I love the additional shine it gives.

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