Friday, 9 March 2012

Wash & Go Tips For Coily Hair.

I believe I am amongst the few that believe a wash & go is a type 4 coilyhead's best friend.
Especially since the coily type 4 hair type is the most thirsty for moisture.
" But water dries my hair out" Does taking a shower/bath dry out your skin?
Even common sense in my opinion would dictate that this is not the case.
This type of porous thirsty hair can never get enough water.  If the coils are exposed to maximal moisture and conditioning with the right products, the dryness should cease.
"My hair just gets so tangled up", then keep them in place. With a wash & go, the technique to holding coils in place is a heavy product that can weigh the coils down like a heavy butter or gel .What gets your hair tangled? your hands? Keep them out, Sleeping on it? Keep it separated, When it dries? Hold the coils in place with a holding agent.

Tips for wash & go's

  • Use products guaranteed to deliver maximum moisture to your hair.
  • Master your detangling game.
  • Keep your coils stretched and in a frigid monogamous state (hehe!). i.e. If you get a group of coils that want to marry and 'clump' together. Then keep them that way with a holding product.
  • Never go to bed without 'holding your hair in place' albeit with scrunchies/hair-bands, a few jumbo twists, or a ponytail/pineapple.

I shall be exploring each of these points in the coming weeks and starting a series on my wash & go experiences with different products.

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