Friday, 13 April 2012

Wash & Go Trials On Coily Hair 7: Keracare Butter cream & Keracare Defining Custard - FAIL

I suppose a wash & go trial with the Keracare butter cream and defining custard was inevitable. It's usually expected for products along the same line to work together.So here it is!

                                                Those white specks are dried! Dried! :S

Had to head out to the shops, and didn't have time to wash this mess out, so pulled back it into an emergency bun
                   Looking closely. White flecks still there. This mix was such a FAIL!

I can't get over my hair in the 1st pic! My hair happy looked so good! I could not wait to see how it would dry.  I used Australian Organics conditioner as a light leave- conditioner (I always use a leave-in conditioner. Sorry, I couldn't exclude this.) added the butter cream on top of that to my hair in 4 sections sparingly (even though I know that the defining custard  can be seriously drying). Afterwards went back and applied the defining custard in much smaller sections. Probably 12 overall i.e. each quadrant was divided again into three. I left this to air-dry. I loved the way it dried as the day went by, but the white specks refused to completely disappear. I pressed a towel on the visible white patches, but no change. Diffused on moderate and then cool temperature, I looked about 60 with the white flecks in my hair. I washed it out as soon as I got back home.
Verdict > Keracare defining custard + Keracare Butter Creme = Project Fail!
Click for other past attempts with Keracare defining custard with a only a light leave-in conditioner - TIGI, and then with Hawaiian Silky curl activator .
So far, the best combo with the Keracare Defining custard for me has been to use it with a curl activator.


  1. The gel reminds me of flax seed gel. Had similar issues too. Sigh!

  2. Did you mix flaxseed gel with shea butter or the keracare butter creme?
    At least we now know that these two don't mix well together! When I mixed them both in my hands it seemed ok! Hope you didn't have to go out ?lol

  3. I tried flaxseed gel with Shea and others things, quite a while ago. Similar to my experience with the keracare gel, which I used over their leave-in, rather than the butter cream, it seemed that if I used too sparingly it'd have no effect; if I used loads, it would define my very curly bits, do nothing for the others, and leave it all crispy with a crispy residue.

    1. Doesn't sound like a re-purchase on your end then! Crispy with crispy residue is not good!

  4. hey, I make the test yesterday and coclusion:
    keracare leave in conditioner + defining custard = OK
    keracare butter cream + defining custard = the white residus you had

    Nice day