Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I know there are thousands of reviews on the infamous ecostyler gel. But I thought I'd add my two cents on the variant properties of the majority I have tried. So folks curious about the other Eco-varieties will know how they compare...
Ecostyler is popular due to it's price per quantity, availability and efficiency (depending on what you need it to do..)
So here goes..

BLUE (HOLD 5) : Smells like men’s shower gel. You know that smell that companies feel they need to give ‘blue’ coloured sports-themed showergels/shampoos/conditioners. Yah. That one. It isn’t overpowering, so I don’t mind it.  It dries with some firmness and the slightest hint of a crunch with a light leave-in. Not sufficient enough to smooth down my edges for a pulled back style like a bun or updo. Life-span for wash & go styles is not as long as life-span for gels with greater holds of 7 -10.
PINK (HOLD 7): smells like tea-tree oil. I guess because it’s supposed to come with an anti-itch formula. Clearly has anti-itching agents in ingredients. So that comes through. Gives good sheen.
ARGAN (HOLD 10): my favourite scent of all. Sweet light “flowery-ness”. I love the scent! Gives great sheen to my hair infact gives the best sheen out of all the gels for me. Dries with a crunch for wash & go styles if layered with a light leave in.
CLEAR (HOLD 10): Doesn’t smell of anything that I can remember. Keeps edges down. Dries with a crunch for wash & go if used with a light leave-in.
OLIVE (HOLD 10): smells like men’s cologne. Gives good sheen. Keeps edges down. Dries with a crunch for wash & go if used with a light leave-in.

I haven’t tried the black version. Simply because I have no interest in it. My favourite gel is the Pink for it’s minimised hold but efficiency in dealing with my slicked back styles and Argan oil, for it’s scent.

The hold of the harder hold gels can easily be scrunched out with some oil/pomade or powder rubbed between the palms. These gels tend to give me fat clumps, which unfortunately frizz up in a couple of days for me.They are easy to rinse out in my opinion, infact I actually like the slimy feel left on my hair as it is rinsed out! Why? Because it aids in finger-detangling. I also think these gels are great for the CG method if you are trying that. They form a great gel-cast around the hair thereby protecting the hair from environmental elements.

What’s your favourite gel?


  1. Great post! :) My absolute fav (and really the only version of Eco styler my hair likes) is the Blue because the hold is just right for my hair and the consistency is not too thick and sticky like some gels can be. When I first went natural the bandwagon to jump on at that time was the olive oil green Eco styler, so I got a HUGE tub of it and my bratty hair absolutely hated it! LOL.

    1. Hated that green one too..ugh. I may have to try the other ones. Once I tried the green, I thought that they all acted the same way..LOL

    2. LOL! I remember that time! Ecostyler olive oil was everywhere. Did you try making a 'conditioning gel'/pseudo curly pudding with it?

  2. I just bought the argon and olive oil gels in small sizes to try and compare. I enjoyed reading this post.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I think you were wise to buy the small sizes to try and compare! Pls do share how you get on with them! :)

  3. I can't believe I found a type 4 website with pics. Thank you for sharing your hair stories!

    I have type 4 hair (mostly b and c) and recently switched to Wash n go's because my hair broke (the front and in various spots)from a two year exclusive protective styling rut. At any rate, the first gel I bought was the Eco Styler EVOO. My first attempt was okay, but the flaking and hardness really turned me off. I also found that it left behind white things in certain parts of my hair AFTER I washed it all out. Not one to waste money, I tried my next wash n go with a ECO custard recipe. I used google to get ideas on what to mix it with. The results were much better. The gel was less intense and my hair didn't feel as frozen into place. I am new to wash n gos, never believing that my type 4 hair could have definition. Thanks for indirectly validating that it is possible!