Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Review/Deal: Sally’s Salon Services Herbal Complex Conditioner

After browsing my local Sally’s beauty supply store looking for a decent ‘on the ground protein conditioner’ (didn’t find any by the way), I decided to make a purchase I’ve been putting off for a while. You see I had been eyeing a 5 litre keg of conditioner. 5 litres? Yes 5 litres. 
Like most curly/coily hair ladies, I can never have enough conditioner. So much that I usually prefer to buy my conditioners in litre sizes. Also with Tresseme Naturals 900ml conditioner offers at shops becoming a rarity and gradually increasing in price. It was time to invest in a better solution for Dafro. With 5litres at £11.99. That works out at 1000ml/1litre at approximately £2.40 for a great quality conditioner!! Thankfully I didn’t need to have a Salon Pro card of sorts to make this purchase.

Product Features of Sally’s Salon Services Herbal Complex Conditioner
  • To be used after any colouring or bleaching treatment
  • Formulated with Vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant with hydrating properties.
This is probably that ‘treatment’ the stylist says is natural and strengthening for your hair whilst she massages your scalp, you know the one in the nameless bottle that you wonder about? (Off course only at the non- exclusive salon, because the exclusive ones only use branded recognized products *sniffs*)
Nehuuu..With this manufacturer recommending that this was to be used after a colouring or bleaching treatment - processes that are potentially detrimental to the hair shaft due to their bond altering effects. I knew I had to be on the right path.

They did not sell smaller samples of this conditioner, so I couldn’t tell it’s efficacy. There were no reviews online at the time of writing, so not much else to go by apart from my understanding of ingredients.
The ingredients list is relatively simple, but what I love even more is that the MAIN agents are within the top 5. This means that these ingredients exist in a much higher concentration. How many times have you picked up a conditioner purporting itself as argan/aloe/shea/potatoe e.t.c based only to note disappointingly that the supposed main ingredient is actually at the bottom of the ingredients list.
Welll that wasn’t the case with this one. What was the seller for me? The aloe vera gel and henna. 
Yes definitely CG, if you are into that.

Aqua (Water), Cetearyl Alcohol (fatty emulsifying conditioning agent ), Steartrimonium Methosulfate (anti-static smoothing agent (STM)), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera Gel) Lawsonia Inermis (Henna Extract),Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Parfum (Fragrance) Citric Acid (preservatives) Magnesium Chloride Magnesium Nitrate, MethylchloroisothiazolinoneMethylisothiazolinone (preservatives)  CI 19140 CI 42090 (colouring)

Medium-light texture.

I think of lime and greens with this one. I guess they were trying to go for a ‘herby’ smell. Either way I like it.

On my hair
It gave me great slip and allowed me to finger detangle fairly easily. Infact it was surprisingly very slippery and sudsy! Wow! I like very much. It smoothed down my hair quite a fair bit too. Overall it did a good job for me far more than I expected. But the killer for me, was the reduced amount of shedding I got. I got significantly less shedding that I usually do. Despite having not washed my hair in a few days.  Whenever this finishes I will definitely be returning back to Sally’s to stock up.

I doubt I shall be having any cold sweats as a result of conditioner shortage any time soon. Tressemme can move over.


  1. Conditioner makes me so happy, LOL! This one looks yummy and I am digging the simplicity of the ingredients list - it seems filled with some awesome stuff! And by the size of the bottle it looks like you wont run out any time soon :)

    I too hate it when certain products are marketed around one popular ingredient (argan oil, etc.) that ends up being the very last ingredient or near the bottom of the ingredients - so deceptive!

    1. Yessssss!! Someone who understands my joy!! Welcome Family!!LOL! This conditioner is really excellent stuff for the price and quantity! And yes it is yummy indeed! Even yummier on the pocket too! LOL!
      It's really about marketing & branding these days... If I see one more argan oil conditioner/shampoo/nail polish/salad dressing! *rolls eyes*. Nope I won't be running out soon! It seems Sally's in the States has a much bigger range of Salon Service conditioners though..

  2. Did you buy this online? Or is there a sally's on the ground somewhere in London. Where is it ?

    You right about TN, I think too people are buying it so even with the sales it is consistently getting more expensive

    1. The website says there are 10 branches in London. I think it's more than that because my local branch isn't even listed!

      You can also order it online! Postage is £4.74

  3. Are you still using this conditioner? I have been eyeing it up for some time now just from your review but you know when something works well for you (Tresemme Naturals Conditioner) and you know the cost won't hurt your pocket, £11.99 will and I can't think of what I will do with a 5 litre conditioner - car boot sale possibly? ;-)