Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 Points On The Importance Of A Good Cut.

In the quest for length, the idea of getting a cut may not be easy to comprehend.Why cut, what you are trying to retain? why cut what you have spent so much time/money/effort trying to preserve. Only to snip it away in a second.

Well a cut makes all the difference.
  1. It potentially makes styling easier and less -time consuming.
  2. Causes one to be more appreciative of their hair.
  3. Eases boredom and reduces the likelihood of taking up other more risky alternatives e.g. flat-ironing, hair colouring e.t.c.
  4. Actually helps reduce tangles and in turn breakage. A cut results in better aligned and even ends. This leads to less tangles as the ends are not able to reach out and tangle with others because they are lined up equally. (Does that make sense?) 
  5. Gives one a fresh new look! Which is usually one of the main reasons why we consider a cut in the first place! 
With all these benefits in tow, length retention is easier to attain eventually.
My last cut in early Feb was a success and showed me it's importance. I had never realised what a difference it makes in one's hair care, and I must say this cut may even be the reason behind my renewed interest in my hair.

These are both on my shrunken fros. 
I know right.. the 'before' looked so mishapen, it's a wonder how I got any style to make sense. 
I had to do a lot of fluffing, patting, scrunching and even pinning. The middle nape area which has looser coils and would have to be pinned when I wore braid outs/twist outs in other to get the looser curls to appear shorter at the back.
I had gone for a 'stacked' cut. Where the top and middle crown area are kept long and the back (nape area) is kept short. So there is a slanted gradient moving upwards from the nape upwards. After cutting, longest layers measured about 11inches and my shortest layers approximately 5inches.
I can't yap enough about how much easier this has made styling for me! Have you had a cut recently? How has it worked out for you?


  1. Where did you get this done? Looks good!

    1. A freelancing hairstylist based in Central London. Let me know if you want more details