Thursday, 15 March 2012

Review: Australian Organics Moisture Control Conditioner For Fine Limp Hair.

Price:£3.99 for 8.5fl. oz 250ml from TKMaxx
Marketing speech: Sulphate & PEG free, no synthetic fragrance, no synthetic colours. Made with 98.5% natural organic ingredients
Packaging: Squeezy toothpaste style tube with a flip cap top lid.
Scent: I got a lot of lavender notes from this followed by a light citrus note.
Ingredients List of Australian Organics Conditioner
Speaking of ingredients, check this out?! The list is excellent indeed. With aloe vera extract, sesame seed oil, wheat germ and desert peach?! (Eh?)
On my hair:  Firstly let me address what may be burning on your mind. Ok. Now my hair appears thick in collective density, but individually  the hair strands are very weak and very FINE. So I thought I'd try this conditioner just because..........., gosh darn it! well... the ingredients list looked very yummy! But I wasn't ready. Man, this conditioner was an UNDERDOG. I love finding conditioners under the radar like this. This stuff was amazing at moisture control alright!
As a rinse-out conditioner it went on my coils very very lightly but with massive IMPACT.  It literally dissolved into Dafro and made her exceptionally SOFT during & AFTER rinsing! I was very impressed by the softness. So despite its light appearance and texture, it is definitely packed with a lot of punches.
As for slip, it came up a bit short on that front, It doesn't have a lot of slip. Though the softness alone it delivered to my hair, makes up for that.I used it as a leave-in conditioner (as I usually do for more expensive conditioners) with Ecostyler blue gel. It moisturised my coils, but I didn't get maximal clumping with this one. I would put that down to it's lightness, as heavier conditioners are better at weighing my coils down and getting them to stick/merge/clump together. With this one, my hair just soaked it up and felt very airy.This is a great moisturising conditioner for fine hair indeed.  Though unfortunately due to the price : quantity, I shall only purchase this again when it is on sale!

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