Sunday, 11 March 2012

Review: Kenzia Moroccan Argan Oil Smoothing Conditioner

Price: £9.99 for 16fl oz / 400ml from TKmaxx
Marketing blurb: Smoothing conditioner that imparts shine, repairs hair, protects hair.
The appearance of the contents of this conditioner within the bottle caught my eye at the store. I also liked the packaging, quite reminiscent of the product's main selling point: Argan oil. It brought to mind Egyptian architecture for some reason, plus the brown transparent bottle showing you a glimpse of the content is quite unique and somewhat 'earthy'
I am always interested in conditioners that have a lot of oils (e.g.Garnier fructis), as I'm not always one for mixing, but love the combo of conditioners and oils on my hair.  The ingredients overall looked good; BTMS (behentrimonium methosulfate) second oooOh I like that! (I thought). Though I warily noted that argan oil was the sixth ingredient!, I still purchased it.
The scent is quite 'herby' with a hint of rosemary, not long-lasting thankfully. I've used it as a leave-in underneath  Ecostyler gel for wash & goes and it keeps Dafro very happy.
There is good coil clumpage and even a bit of shine! I found that it didn't leave as much whiteness behind initially as noticed with other conditioners when combined with eco styler gel and applied to my hair. (A big plus!)
Though the slip is not  'Tressemme- naturals-league'  kind of slip, it's slip is just OK for me. The smoothing effect is fantastic,so I must say it delivered what it promised there. I believe this is a conditioner with a lighter consistency, so it would be perfect for those with fine hair and those with hair prone to buildup. 
For my hair: I prefer and LOVE to use this as a leave-in, as I prefer lighter conditioners as leave-ins for my hair than as rinse-outs. If I were to use this as a rinse-out on my hair the bottle would barely last a week, and for the price I would rather stretch it out longer.
Also I am of the belief that a product promoting itself as containing a specific ingredient, should have that ingredient within it's 1st three ingredients at least. So for that reason, I shall be giving this baby a B as a rinse out but an A as a leave-in, because there are other products on the market with a higher concentration/equal concentration of argan oil and cheaper.

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