Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wash & Go Trials on Coily Hair 3: Conditioner Only Method On Type 4 Hair

Teri's conditioner only method has been tried by many and praised for its effectiveness. I was drawn to this lady's success with this method on YouTube and decided to try it again.

Earlier on in my journey I had tried the conditioner only method with Tressemme conditioner (this is before they brought out the no-silicone versions) but didn't like :
* The way the conditioner irritated my scalp.
*The crisp way my hair felt after it dried,
*And the grey caste it left.
I decided to try it again with Kenzia conditioner mainly because this conditioner never left a grey cast with other wash & go's I had done with gel and had not irritated my scalp to date.
I applied this to wet hair in about six sections and layered some castor oil on top.
When it dried my hair felt quite soft to touch, quite shiny but greasy to touch!
I think I shall leave out the castor oil next time when using this particular conditioner as it seems like the Kenzia conditioner is quite oily by itself.

Wet with conditioner and castor oil layered ontop. (Sorry about the steamed up mirror!)
Just diffused, about 80% dry. A lot of shrinking observed, But lots of sheen.

First day was great, but I was not prepared for what was to come afterwards. The aftermath was not good I tell you. Click here.


  1. I love it. I am going to try it and make a post soon. Do you have problems with knots doing WNGs?

    1. I wouldn't recommend this method for our hair type. I have added the aftermath of this method ( here.
      I firmly believe that we need a holding agent, otherwise it is going to be tangle-city.

      Regarding your second question. Yes I do get SSK's I think it's inevitable with our hair. Though sealing with castor oil, helps to keep the ends lubricated and prevent them from tangling on themselves as much as they usually would. After a wash I apply my leave-in and put some castor oil on top. (Fave LI at the mo is just AVG & castor oil.)