Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Second Day Hair: Wash & Go Trials on Coily Hair 4 with Keracare Defining Custard & HS CurlActivator.

The next morning my hair still felt quite damp, so I just rubbed a pea-sized amount of castor oil between my palms and used that to fluff my hair back into shape. My hair had a lot of volume,definition, bounce and control. By control, I mean that my hair stayed where I wanted it to when I fluffed it back into shape by pulling under the roots.

I love the way the coils have a slight wave. Reminds me of waves on sand at the beach.
 Mainly because of the way I had held up my hair in scrunchies. I put my hair in three scrunchies in a mo-hawk fashion positioned down the middle of my head. So on releasing them then took on the lovely wave... Today was a great hair day plus my hair was so so soft!

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