Sunday, 11 March 2012

How I Get Second Day Hair : Wash n Go On Coily Hair Trial 2. Ecostyler Blue &Hawaiian Silky Curl Activator.

A Pictorial Of How I Get Second Day Hair
The products I use for my wash n go usually dictate how I cover up my hair for the night. If I'm using glycerin heavy products like curl activator then I put my hair in a number of scrunchies,  wrap my hair in a shower cap,  put on a bonnet then extra scarf (xtra scarf to help keep shower cap in place, catch any potential leaks and reduce crinkling noise.) and call it a day. The next day I just spray my refresher/water (hardly necessary with curl activator) and fluff.
If the product is a butter not known to absorb readily onto my wet hair, then I just wear a bonnet after putting my hair in scrunchies. The next day I spray water/refresher and fluff into shape.
                                                                   1.)   Remove Scarf                                                                     
2.) Then Bonnet
3.)Take off shower cap (this is why I wear one.)
4.) To reveal hair underneath in three satin scrunchies, (1 in front and 2 behind)

5.)Remove scrunchies to reveal (shot hair and jammies!), then shake

6.)Scrunch & Fluff coils into place
7.) Great Second Day Hair! - Front



  1. Love your hair texture and the shape of it.

  2. I have not yet been able to do a WnG as only my new growth has curl/coil definition so until I finally get my heat damaged ends cut, there is no point. I just hope that mine comes out as beautfiul as yours :)

    1. You are too kind. I'm sure it will turn out great!